Going to PageSpeed score 100 with GeneratePress

Well, at least on mobile and with desktop to the 98/100. I’ve been recently looking at how different themes behave under WordPress installation from the performance point of view, and I’ve started to use the GeneratePress under my website installation. Why? Because it appears, that this theme really is one of the best optimized themes around even with the free version (Kinsta + WebSiterating).

The JS and CSS payloads from theme itself seem to be quite minimal. I’m barely using any optimization since they don’t seem necessary at this stage at all. On top of this, the developer reference and offered functionality seems excellent and provides easy ways to expand the theme right away. For the free version users this is definitely not an issue at all if the developer knows basics of PHP and CSS like any WP developer should.

I’ll continue keeping this theme under production as this is so far the best and fastest theme I’ve found for a WordPress based website, taking into account the developer friendliness.

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