How to scam 26 thousand people with “LEAF Healthcare” face masks that don’t exists

Well, this is surprisingly easy to do with simple marketing and photo-manipulation, and then you’ll have about 4.4M USD out of which 3.3M USD is currently frozen by the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform, which is still quite a lot of money. The point is, that with simple fact checking a lot of this damage could’ve been avoided, and many future legal processes.

What are the “LEAF Masks”?

To put simply, Leaf MASK should be a crowdfunded product if it existed in the first place. It should be: the first FDA approved N99 type, clear face mask with a HEPA filter, and with some variants it should have UV lights to kill pathogens. They’ve gained about 3.3M USD in crowdfunding, without people checking obvious facts…and there are yet about 26 thousand people who supported the campaign.

FDA approved, or not?

The Leaf MASK is only a listed device, not approved. There is a clear difference in FDA terms. Getting a device FDA listed is like getting your name on a phonebook. The registration is mandatory annually. This is also why the campaign is speaking of a “World’s first FDA Registered [sic.]” medical device.

The obvious part: usage of stock photos and marketing material generally

Firstly, the photos should’ve been the first proof that the mask is simply not real life product! Let’s take a look on these 3 persons wearing the LEAF mask on, in the campaign page at the Indiegogo, the LEAF mask website and what they’ve all in common with.

Seems that they’re all models for stock photos, but someone have edited the mask on their faces. All it took to figure this out was a simple reverse image search on the allmighty Google search engine, and it was particularly easy because the mask is transparent, so it actually doesn’t alter the face of the model that radically.

It also sticks to the eye, that the company behind the mask is only using still images on their promotional videos and in other marketing material, the backside of the mask is never shown.

Someone could also note that sometimes the straps disappear in the marketing material which should be supporting the mask.

At this point without any further checks anyone could easily see this to be a scam and a fraud by the Redcliffe Medical Devices, Inc.

Who is responsible for creating the hype?

Of course, people who’ve allowed this to happen in the first place are the one’s who created the scam in the first place, but then there is Indiegogo too as a platform giving it publicity though they’ve done good job on attempting to limit the damage by freezing funds of the Redcliffe Medical Devices, Inc.

Media has done unfortunately not so good job on fact checking when they’ve released news about the product. Particularly e.g.

8 thoughts on “How to scam 26 thousand people with “LEAF Healthcare” face masks that don’t exists”

  1. I received mine yesterday, and they are complete garbage. These guys scamming people big time. Check out my hands on review here and visit the links that I have posted below the video. People have tracked down the factory that these supposedly shipped from only to learn that it is an old run down abandoned factory.

  2. I ordered a mask on Dec 2 2020 with Economy shipping, waited all the way to Jan 10 of 2021 having grown bored of the wait. Having looked at my order confirmation email, they promised a wait period of about 20 days during which they should ship the product, while my order was stuck in the “Pending” status for way past a month.

    On Jan 2nd they emailed me, promising Priority shipping for all orders, expected to ship on Jan 5th. But this turned out to be just another empty promise.

    Took me two emails to request cancellation of my order, with the first having been replied by Ann who tried to hold me by once again promising a faster Priority shipping. Then on my other try they finally complied, yielding me my money back. So, very scammy customer service as well.

    So, buyers beware! There will always be companies that will try to take advantage of people’s health needs & the need for security, like this Redcliffe Medical firm has done.

  3. I was a backer for the Leaf mask under two separate Indiegogo contribution numbers. I have tried since August 2020 to get them to reply to me. They rebuff my efforts, saying I need to contact [email protected]. Then they delete the sales email address and say I need to send email to [email protected]. Even though a “ticket” is generated with a unique ticket number, their message indicates that they only accept messages to Team Leaf Wellness via the Telegram app. Between the two contributions, I’ve spent about $500 for the Leaf UV masks. No response. No tracking. THEY ARE STILL TAKING NEW ORDERS ON THEIR WEBSITE. The nerve. I did find mention of a Facebook page called LOSTLEAFBACKERS which I plan to follow shortly.

  4. Ordered 4 of the so called silicone masks after seeing a sleek video on Facebook. The product is supposedly made in Germany. See video at:

    Received said product from CHINA. Total garbage. Nose mask not in silicone but cheap rigid acrylic. Strap is silicone one millimeter thick which will tear at first use. Filter are cheap foam that fall out when you put mas on or of. Will fog up because mask is rigid and air coming in and out everywhere since the mask is rigid and cannot conform to your face. TOTAL ABSOLUTE RIP OFF.

    Tried to get refund. Must spend about US $ 30.00 to ship to China. Despite fact product sold is not as advertised, (by at least over 10 accounts) company will not assume free return. They offered 10%, then 20% then 30% discount on masks that are UNWEARABLE. Decided to keep my US $30.00 postage cost as I do not trust the company to refund the product cost.

    Discovered that the company is using the video from the LEAF mask which itself does not seem to exist. as per this website ;

    • There seems to be a lot of similar masks with identical design and even marketing material in e.g. AliExpress with keywords “clear mask” or “transparent mask” which leads into a question if all these masks are simply dropshipped with the most expensive shipping option available?

  5. Thank you so much Mikkonen for the early alert. Consumers harmed by Redcliffe Medical are welcome to connect via Fbook/Wordpress site Lostleafbackers. Here some published links about the class-action and BBB investigation:

  6. I ordered the Leaf Pro on the 3rd of January and my credit card was charged almost instantly. To date I have not received any masks. Just empty promises that they will ship at the end of the month. I have requested a refund and they said to give them 72 hours. I finally put the amount in dispute. No other company charges you for something and not ship t out in over 4 months.


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