Silent Partner Group datacenter plans too good to be true

The national broadcaster YLE published news about plans of the Silent Partner Group about new datacenters to be built to Finland (29th of October).

It’s a company that came out of nowhere and apparently claims to have funding for at least three new datacenters in Finland. Unfortunately the company seems to lack any proof that it’s possible and even the existence of the company is questionable.

Their CEO Dale Hobbie also claims that they’ve started process to get proper documents and permissions to build the datacenters even though they’ve not bought land or property near the cities where SPGC plans to build the datacenters.

YLE contacted cities in question (Hamina & Sotkamo, 3rd site location is a secret)  and their answer was that they’re not aware of plans to build those datacenters.

The company & the website

First of all there is very little information available about the Silent Partner Group in both public internet and even on their own websites. I wasn’t able to find a business ID tied to the company and at least no information about the company in the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Their LinkedIn is quite silent

In LinkedIn the company seems to have only 6 employees or at least 6 proud employees that’ve marked Silent Partner Group of Companies as their workplace.

The website looks something far from done. It’s made of a ready made WordPress template called “Karma” and it’s as if someone has just installed WordPress and uploaded all the demo content to the website. Even the social media links are in place and they lead nowhere.

In the certificate transparency logs it also looks like that the website started using HTTPS protocol after 10th of September 2018.


Secondly one of the locations for the datacenter is very questionable. Hamina is of course a proper choice since Google has already built their datacenter there, but the other site Sotkamo is ridiculous.

Sotkamo is geographically far away from sea cables that connect Finland to the internet and just basically is in the middle of nowhere.


My unfortunate guess is that this project fits into same category as Migrit Solarna Energija (Strawperson electricity company, claimed to be able to build a new nuclear power plant to Finland) and “Jurase Park”.

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