TLDR on the ‘adyingnobody’ crypto case

A saga made by currently suspended Twitter used with the username adyingnobody was rather interesting to be followed in the end. Everything began on 7th June 2022 when the following post about promised crypto scene leaks was published on the TwitLonger service.

The leak promised to uncover secret assassinations and orgies among the crypto scene, but instead turned out to be a nice performance art which might be still ongoing as when writing this post, it’s only the 15th day, and in the TwitLonger post there were more promised pieces of information to be available later.

However today, the Ethereum address the user adyingnobody was claiming to use, made a transaction from their address (0xdc56bcccf3fa51687f339e2425e9bc1a2acb42ee) to their own address.

The message of the transaction contains hex coded data which can be easily converted into text:

There is no release tomorrow this is all a hoax
There is no secret orgies or assassinations
There is no twitter employee hiding information
There is no sexual assault, no people and influencers stealing from users or people using alts to prop up projects 
These are all fabrications made by myself for attention
I will be dead from suicide you have nothing to worry about so do not bother finding me
Do not send any money or funds to this address and move on
If any message that comes from this address in the future or any messages claim to be dead man switches then assume the private key for this address is compromised and assume it is a fake message by someone else
Transaction message decoded

As others have seen as well, the sum of the transaction contains also a message and not only the transaction input data as well. I guess this sums up the case generally pretty well:

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